HP Pavilion dm3 Laptop Battery

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Battery Type:Li-Polymer
Battery Volt:11.1V
Rate:69 Wh
Battery Capacity:5200mAh
Battery Color:Black
Battery Weight:476.55g
Battery Length:195.20 x 92.00 x 14.80 mm

This Laptop Battery can replace the following part numbers:


538692-351 538692-541 580686-001

This Laptop Battery is also compatible with the following models:


Pavilion dm3 Series Pavilion dm3-1000 Series Pavilion dm3-1001AU
Pavilion dm3-1001AX Pavilion dm3-1002TU Pavilion dm3-1003AX
Pavilion dm3-1003TX Pavilion dm3-1008EG Pavilion dm3-1010EL
Pavilion dm3-1010EW Pavilion dm3-1011TU Pavilion dm3-1011TX
Pavilion dm3-1012AX Pavilion dm3-1013AX Pavilion dm3-1014TU
Pavilion dm3-1014TX Pavilion dm3-1016AX Pavilion dm3-1016TX
Pavilion dm3-1019AX Pavilion dm3-1019TX Pavilion dm3-1020CA
Pavilion dm3-1020EA Pavilion dm3-1020EG Pavilion dm3-1021TX
Pavilion dm3-1022TX Pavilion dm3-1023TX Pavilion dm3-1024CA
Pavilion dm3-1027TX Pavilion dm3-1028TX Pavilion dm3-1030EG
Pavilion dm3-1030EI Pavilion dm3-1030SA Pavilion dm3-1030US
Pavilion dm3-1031TX Pavilion dm3-1032TX Pavilion dm3-1035DX
Pavilion dm3-1039WM Pavilion dm3-1040EK Pavilion dm3-1040EV
Pavilion dm3-1040US Pavilion dm3-1044NR Pavilion dm3-1047CL
Pavilion dm3-1048LA Pavilion dm3-1050EE Pavilion dm3-1058NR
Pavilion dm3-1060EF Pavilion dm3-1070EA Pavilion dm3-1070ES
Pavilion dm3-1080EF Pavilion dm3a Pavilion dm3i
Pavilion dm3t Pavilion dm3t-1000 Pavilion dm3z
Pavilion dm3z-1000